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International Students may live on campus at the 23 Student Dormitory . Students who live on campus must abide by the rules and regulations of their residence. International Students who extended their duration of study will not be provided with on-campus housing arrangements.    Students who changed their address and contact in... [more]

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  • Basic Situation of Changchun09-17

    ChangChun is the provincial capital of jilin,lacated in the northeast songliao plain hinterland, With a total area of 20604 square kilometers, has 7 district 2 city, 1 count...[more]

  • Application Document09-17

    Applicants must fill in and provide the following materials fully and correctly (in duplicate). 1.  International Students Application Form for Jilin Agricultural University...[more]

  • Application Procedure09-17

      1. Complete the Application Form for International Students of Northeast Normal University。2. Post or e-mail the Application Form and application documents to the Interna...[more]

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