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Provide the School Club Information and the Students Activity

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Student association of international communication

Student association of international communication is under leading of Office for international cocommunication and exchange and Youth League of JiLin Argriculture University,SAIC is the most active student’s organiization for foreign affairs,we have students from USA, Italy,Russia, South Korea, Mongolia, south Africa ,Zambia, Congo ,Vietnam, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Cameroon, totally  60 people ,including foreign teachers.Our purpose is that Promote the internationalazation Promote the internationalization of scools from student level Promte the international exchanges awareness within the school,to enhance the school’s influnce in the international arena.

The students activity

In 2012,the fifth Chinese bridge competition, our school’s foreign students went to the final in ChangChun division;In 2013, "Leave China - students sunshine sports cultural tour in China in jilin province we won the second price in directional cross-country race, won the sixth price in three to three basketball competition and we won the total grade second price.In 2014,we won the first price in women's rifle shooting,we won the first price in women's Pistol shooting in fifth ChangChun foreign friends game.In 2015,we participate in foreign experts and foreign students’ New Year party.

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