Life Guide

  • Housing 2018-09-17

    International Students may live on campus at the 23 Student Dormitory . Students who live on campus must abide by the rules and regulations of their residence. International Students who extended their duration of study will not be provi...[more]

  • The Postal Service 2018-09-17

    If you want to receive other people’s letter,please tell them the correct address,the address always use English or Chinese like this: Mr.John Williams                        中国 长春 130118 A13-305 23 Buiding             吉林农业大学A...[more]

  • Hospital Information 2018-09-17

    Jilin Argriculture University’s hospital founded in 1984,located in the north of Jilin Argriculture University, about 3390 square meters. It was sure as the level of first-class hospital in ChangChun in 1994[more]

  • Campus Card 2018-09-17

    Jilin Agriculture Universitycoversanareaof 11640000 square meters,the modern library has2630000 books,which could offer self -study、borrow books and surf the internet for students.If you go to library,you need campus card.campus card A...[more]

  • Network Services 2018-09-17

    Student apartment every room has Internet interface, the Internet is very convenient. You can also go to the library or off campus Internet cafes. Jilin agricultural university has a large amount of information published on the Internet,...[more]

  • Provide the School Club Information and the Students Activity 2018-09-17

    Student association of international communicationStudent association of international communication is under leading of Office for international cocommunication and exchange and Youth League of JiLin Argriculture University,SAIC is the ...[more]

  • Urban Transport 2018-09-17

    There are many bus routes around the Jilin Agricultural University.But because of the rapid development of Changchun, the bus lines and stops often change .It depends on your own observation and control.Hold well and stand firm when you ...[more]

  • On-campus Miscellaneous Facilities 2018-09-17

    Students may dine at the three canteens, the four canteens or at the four canteens on campus. The restaurants are usually a little more expansive than the cafeterias. Convenient stores such as ChenXing Mart and College Students Mart, can...[more]