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The notification about organizing register for the Chinese teacher volunteer in first half year

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Gongzhuling and meihekou states department of education、the education bureau of Chanbaishan Mountain management committee and other college:

According to the spirit of the national document < >,the work was initiated.The specific process and condition was listed in the accessory.Here are the announcements.

First :Publish the information about the notification to the school’s official website.The instructor and monitor of the faculty of humanifies and foreign languages andeducation was required to send the relevant information to the informational announcement platform.Increase the propaganda,insure that all of the students know it.If you want to know more about this ,please contact with our union.

Second:Every states department education publish the information to the school come within the jurisdietion.And increase the degree of participation.Give assistance to the teachers who signed up for this and standed for election about how to deal with relevant formalities.The teacher will be reserved their basic salary and continue calculating length of service etc.Supporting our work of popularize Chinese.

Third:The part of volunteer for Confucius insititute and classroom teaching.No allowance for others,and please choose the normal volunteer position in case waste the opportunities.

Fourth:The registration site has changed to “vct.hanban.org.”which is different with last year .

Fifth:The one go to his post on Jan. to Mar. or Apr. to June or July to Dec. get different time to apply.Please submit application on time .Do not miss the time.

Sixth:The summary table of requirement of normal volunteer in the first half years indicated that according to the visa requirements,the applicant must match condition,or they cannot get visa.The selected unit should be strict to this . Three years of full-time teaching experience refers to the undergraduate or graduate graduation full-time work experience, work experience is not recognized as a full-time during reading (reading as hanban volunteer teaching in foreign countries during the period of recognized as full-time work experience) teacher certification refers to the domestic large primary and secondary schools and vocational and technical school teacher certification The project priority of primary and secondary school teachers and teaching experience of primary and secondary schools to volunteer

Seventh Please submit the volunteer units must be in accordance with the requirements of file materials and requirements to the time limit of jilin province teaching Chinese as a foreign language training center (JiLinHan do) contacts:

Zhou Jiangzhou

Phone number: 0431-85310278

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