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Registration Form for People go to Hongkong and Maco for Temporary Official Bussiness

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Dear overseas students,

The School Security Office, the International Academic Exchange Service Centre and the International Office has constituted a inspection group, to check the fireproofing situation of our overseas students’ dormitories in December 1st, now we would like to inform you of the issues we found:

1.  Some of you didn’t use the household electric appliances such as electric kettle, electric cooker and induction cooker in the proper area, or didn’t switch off electric power in time after using it.

2.  Some of you smoke in your room, and accumulated a lot of cigarette butts.

3.  The oil stains in hearth haven’t been cleaned in time.

4.  Some students use the illicit appliances, for example, the electrothermal mattress.

If you have done anything that is mentioned above, please deal with it and eliminate the potential safety hazard, to avoid the potential danger. As for other overseas students, please develop the fire prevention awareness, to build

a safe and harmonic living circumstance.

International Cooperation and Exchange Office

 December 1st ,2015

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