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Network Services

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Student apartment every room has Internet interface, the Internet is very convenient. You can also go to the library or off campus Internet cafes. Jilin agricultural university has a large amount of information published on the Internet, many of them is very important to you, you need to often browse.

Student apartment room has a network interface, if you want to get to the Internet, the need to prepare the computer, install cables can free Internet access, in case of specific questions please consult the apartment management. Network center office phone: 84533373

And here are some of the students is closely related to the site, you'd better often go up and have a look.

Jilin agricultural university: http://www.jlau.edu.cn, here is our school's portal, here, you can easily find the information about the school.

Jilin agricultural university students information network:

Information, there are specialized to provide services for international students, while studying in jilin agricultural university, you should often browse a web site. On this site you can gain academic guidance, you can consult the life information.

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