Policies and Regulations

  • Registration 2018-09-17

    Students each semester should go to school to register by specified date.Registration must be completed by student personally carry the ID card,and is not allowed to entrust other people to do for him . You must have to pay tuition fees ...[more]

  • Chinese Laws and Regulations 2018-09-17

    The Regulation of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreign Nationals2013/11/01 (Adopted at the 15th executive meeting of the State Council on July 3, 2013, issued in the form of Order of the S...[more]

  • Qiut School 2018-09-17

    ​If you want to quit school, please submit paper applications to the Foreign Student Office with your documentary evidence,and fill in "The Quit School Application Form". You can quit school after checked and ratified. You can not quit ...[more]

  • Attendance and Ask for Leave 2018-09-17

    1, Attendance The school teaching plan to the classroom teaching, examination, test and other teaching activities all will be supervised, if students can not attend,they should ask for leave in advance. Students do not attend without ask...[more]

  • Rewards and Punishments 2018-09-17

    For the foreign students who obey the discipline and gain excellent academic acheivement will be awarded commendation and encouragement.    For the foreign students who break the rules,cut classes ,damage public property,fight with othe...[more]

  • Regulations on International Dormitory Management of JAU 2018-09-17

    stick up for the regular system of international dormitory, create a good study environment, detailed criterion is constituted. 1. Student shall apply for residing at the International Students Office (ISO). Go to the dormitory administr...[more]