Regulations on International Dormitory Management of JAU

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stick up for the regular system of international dormitory, create a good study environment, detailed criterion is constituted.

1. Student shall apply for residing at the International Students Office (ISO). Go to the dormitory administration office to get the key and live in the dormitory. When students check out, students should first apply for checking out at the ISO and take the check-out form to the dormitory administration office, return the key. The Accommodation must be left in a state which would include being clean, free from possessions and rubbish when you leave, JAU will carry out its own survey of the apartment and if any item in apartment is lost or damaged, students will have to pay for it.

2. Student shall reside in the assigned rooms. In principle, students will be assigned to double rooms. Unauthorized exchange of occupation of room is forbidden. If you have some special reason to exchange the room, you should apply at the ISO. It is allowed to exchange the rooms after you get the approval, and then return the original room key to the dormitory affairs office.

3. If there are vacant double rooms, the students can take students who want to live together to the office and handle the formalities, or the ISO arrange the roommates. Accommodations for couples and families are not available.

4. As for the students who have graduated from our university or finished their study here should check out and leave school within a week. University will not provide accommodations any more, and university reserves the right to dispose of any item which is left after students check out.

5. Students living in the accommodation should pay the fee in full at once prior to assignment before the beginning of the semester. Failure to timely payment will lead to loss of housing privileges.

6. Keep the room and public areas tidy and clean. The school properties such as furniture and public facilities should be well protected. Pets are not allowed in the dormitory, and you must not raise domestic poultry or animals. Smoking in the dormitory is not allowed.

7. Conducts ruining the normal living environment are strongly prohibited: such as throwing or dripping things/garbage out of the building; spitting, arbitrarily parking vehicles, etc.

8. Fight in the bedroom, smoking, alcohol and gambling, eating or storing illicit drugs in the bedroom is strongly prohibited.

9.Hanging, distributing or posting propaganda or promotional materials without permission.

10. Pay attention to saving water and electricity, turn off the electricity when the students leave room. High-power electrical appliances of more than 500 watts are not allowed to be used in the accommodation such as electric stove, electric heater and so on which will be confiscated once found.

11. Personal valuables should be properly kept. In case of any loss of properties, students shall immediately report to the local police and foreign student office in order to deal with in on time.

12. When the room facilities need to repair, students should go to the dormitory affairs office and apply for repairing in time.

13. Students should provide convenience and cannot refuse to cooperate when the dormitory management staffs if need to go into the rooms for the sake of routine check. Unauthorized change or installation of door locks is prohibited.

14. Closing time of dormitory: Sunday—Thursday 22:30pm.

Friday—Saturday 23:30pm.

15. In order to protect the safety of life and property and to stabilize the public order, the institution of visitor management is implemented in the apartment. The visitor shall produce valid identification and register before entrance is permitted. The apartment is open for visit from 8:00 to 20:00pm. When the student visited leaves, the visitor shall leave immediately as well. International students cannot host visitors overnight in the apartment

16. Foreign students are required to abide by the above accommodation regulations. A resident student, who commits a violation of the Regulations, shall be penalized by a written warning, public censure, or disqualification of accommodation based on "Jilin Agricultural University Student Disciplinary Regulations". Students, who are disqualified of the accommodation, need to move out in time, the remaining amount of dormitory fee will not be refunded.

17. A resident international student who is disqualified for accommodation will be sent a written notification. If the notification cannot be delivered to the person, it will be announced to the public in the apartment. The disqualified student shall move out of the apartment in 5 days after the notification is delivered or announced. If he/she refuses to move out, the university may refuse his/her entrance to the apartment, and appoint at least 2 staff members to clean up the room. All loss or damage is assumed by the disqualified student.

18. School can punish the students who have disobeyed the management according to the rules of Specific Punishment Regulations for Students Abroad in JAU. The punishment for serious cases is expulsion.




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