Attendance and Ask for Leave

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1, Attendance

The school teaching plan to the classroom teaching, examination, test and other teaching activities all will be supervised, if students can not attend,they should ask for leave in advance. Students do not attend without asking for leave or the asking not be approved, deemed truant. According to regulations, The school will make the appropriate punishment for truant students .Anyone truancy accumulated more than 1/3 of the total class hours for this course, will be lost in the course of this examination, with zero meter for the course grade.

2.Ask for leave

Foreign students must insist on studying in school,except for holidays.If there are special circumstances. Without asking for  leave,shall not leave school.Otherwise,according to absenteeism processing.

(1)leave process

Students leave,directly to the foreign students office for procedure,Receive and fill in the form of a leave,Then college sign with comments and stamp an offical seal.Finally sent to the foreigen student office for the record,End of,the leave time must apply for sick leave clearance.If there are special circustances shall apply for contracts,Don’t leave without contracts,according to absenteeism treatment.

(2)Type of leave

Sick leave:Because of illness can not attend class,the diagnosis issued by national hospital must prove to the International Student Affairs Office for.

Personal leave:Students genreally can not leave for private affirs.If it is required to leave,A written application to the office for international students.

Off campus survey:students outside the survey generally not more than 2 months. The scholarship students drop out  or leave midway go home,stopped payment of scholiship the next month from the day leave China.Don’t get to school for registration on time,or if you leave school not for health reasons or skip classes over a month,you wil be stopped payment of the present month's scholiship.

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