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Inform of Safety and Security Awareness

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All international students:

Pay attention, please. In order to further improve our international students' safety consciousness, ensure the school's property and all international students' personal safety, the requirements are now notified as follows:

1. In the holiday,students leaving school must go through procedures of leaving,register at International students office in advance.Better to choose safer train, airplane,etc.Try partnering with others.Take good care of private staff during the trip.Be aware of the safty of personal lives and properties.

2. Consciously obey to the disciplines. Do not harm the image of school and individual.Protect public property, and do not damage with casualty, no appropriation as well ; Don't fight with others, nor alcoholism.Treasure the teaching and public facilities.

3. To comply with the requirements of the apartment management, pay attention to fire safety. Prohibit using blower, cooker and other violated electrical devices.No use of gas canisters and other flammable items.

4. Actively cooperate with security department for the defense and inspection of fire.Also the daily management of international academic exchange service center, to eliminate the hidden danger of fire.

5. Living off-campus students are supposed to be alert to the prevention of fire and theft to the inner room. Contact with the landlord if any problem presents.

6.No permission to the behavior of returning dorm late or laying no return without justifiable reasons.

Any student who violates the rules above will be given corresponding punishment in accordance to his behavior.

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